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Custom Designs

Espacio Hurfa is a place for ideas to flourish. We embrace collaboration and invite you to design your personal wall hanging together with us :)

We believe that your own unique story is represented in your home. Make it your own and let it tell your story. Authentic, warm and above all: real.

Let’s work together!
Contact us at or leave us a message and let's work together on your dream wall hanging!

  • 1st Step: Think where you would like to hang it and choose the perfect size for you. Our popular sizes are (wide x height): 
Small   30cm x 55cm
Duet (two pieces) 65cm x 55cm total
Medium 90cm x 60cm
Large 120cm x 80cm
Extra large (two pieces) 140cm x 80cm

In case these sizes don't suit you, we can customise them to your own preference.

  • 2nd Step: From the wall hangings displayed on our website, choose the style that fits best your home: organic shapes, classic shapes, geom shapes and irregular shapes. 

  • 3rd Step: Choose the color palette: we often work with earthy and natural tones which you can also check out by taking a look at the wall hangings on our website. 


Please, consider that once the payment went through, it could take between 2 and 4 weeks, depending on the size, for the wall hanging to be finished.