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Our Story

Where it all started

Our journey began 15 years ago when we became close friends in our beautiful home country, Argentina. After our studies, we left our home to explore the world and seek deeper connections with the diverse life on our planet. It was the inspiring diversity of nature, cultures, heritage, authenticity, colors and taste that we experienced in these countries that led us to settle down in Lisbon and Berlin and start our new adventure: Espacio Hurfa.

Espacio Hurfa is an ethical brand that offers you a fine selection of sustainable, hand-made homeware & accessories. Besides manufacturing products ourselves, we work with selected partners to become a bond between remote artisans and ethical users like you. We invite you on a sensory journey that lets you explore the sustainable practices and natural materials used in our products. Use your eyes to observe the rich textures and warm colors of our mother earth. Let your skin be sparked with curiosity by the soft touch of natural fibres and discover the fresh scent of the raw materials our dear planet provides us with. This forms a direct connection between your unique life experiences and the unique story behind each piece.

Our mission
With the strong belief that the best objects start with a human connection, we aim to build a global community that gives visibility to threatened cultures and to keep ancient traditions alive. At Espacio Hurfa, we strive to make a positive impact on this planet by truly caring for living beings and protecting our nature.
We use natural fibres to make long-lasting, sustainable pieces that remain unaffected by time or trends. Besides, being a design object, they are a statement and strong reminder to go against the throw-away-mentality we witness in the world nowadays. We support the ‘purchase-well-mindset’ by creating long lasting objects of impeccable quality using only the materials needed.
Espacio Hurfa is a place for ideas to flourish and a space for inspiration and creation. We invite you to join us on our journey to a more considered, decelerated and thoughtful way of living. Thank you from the bottom of our heart for weaving the story together with us and minimizing the footprint we leave on this planet.

~ We wish you love, light and togetherness ~

Delfi & Cami