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Monte Collection

The Monte Collection features a fine selection of unique, handmade products that will bring authentic Argentinian artisan culture to your home. Each piece is created with love and devotion by women from indegenous communities of remote  villages in the north of the country. These strong and talented artisans use ancient techniques that have been passed on to them by their ancestors, from generation to generation, keeping this ancient culture alive. They work exclusively with genuine, natural materials from their home land embracing a simple, conscious lifestyle.

Your purchase actively helps artisans keep their ancient culture alive and live a better life by empowering them and preventing issues such as extreme poverty, malnutrition and lack of access to clean drinking water. 

A piece of ancient culture

Each hand-made piece carries the spirit and ethnic identity. Their artesanal techniques and choice of materials gives us insight into their slow-way of living and how closely is their relation with nature. Each design creates a strong connection to their ancient history and the surrounding landscapes. 

Women crafts are filled with meaning, offer sustainable traceability and are associated with dignity.

Handmade from start till finish

The women work their entire bodies to produce the finished product. The cycle starts when they search, in their close nature, for raw materials: chaguar and wool, each of them having their own process. The next step is the hand spinning, it takes a lot of dedication and expertise until they reach the threads. Before the weaving, they fill the threads with life by dyeing each fibre using natural colors from seeds, roots and fruits. In a last step, they combine the natural materials with their ancient weaving techniques to produce the final product.

Unique pieces from unique people for unique people

Each design is a unique creation and carries an authentic signature of the weaver including small imperfections. It is these little imperfections that make those pieces so unique and interesting as they tell a story about their maker.

Conscious consumption

The work of the artisans can not be measured in hours or minutes. Their decelerated workflow is reflected in their products. They invite you to slow down and connect with the rhythm of nature - opening up a dialogue about conscious production and consumption. They shall be your reminder of a calm and safe place.

Empowering women

We re-invest between 10% and 20% of your purchase in the protection and support of several communities. 

To make the biggest positive impact, we collaborate closely with local charity associations that have achieved great results in their mission to empower women from these communities since 2002

With your help, 430 women are enabled to participate in: 

  • management and administration training
  • workshops addressing
    • basic needs 
    • women’s rights
    • education
    • health
    • sexuality
    • additions 
    • more

In addition, your purchase actively contributes to the development of decent working conditions as it finances the building of well-deserved, comfortable workshops including electricity and running water. 

Your purchase changes lives

Our goal at Espacio Hurfa is to become the bond between remote artisans and ethical users like you. We want to give visibility to these communities who have so much wisdom and knowledge to share. Join us to learn from and with other cultures.

How beautiful is to touch lives :) Let’s move around the earth in kindness.